In all of my creative work, I experiment with questions of how to navigate beyond the comfort zone.


I consider myself as an artist who draws, writes, speaks and advises on the basis of an artistic mindset that is shaped by maintaining security within the insecurity.

I am driven by the idea of making contradictions of human existence more tangible and to reveal its inherent power.

My vision is to inspire people to more creative empowerment by having a closer look at artistic thinking processes.

Some personal statements I keep telling myself and my clients:

Don't be afraid of contradictions !

Es liegt Hoffnung im Widerspruch !


Fokussiere das Element der Störung.

Opinion is not personal.

Die Wahrheit ist von unstetem Charakter.

There is no 'one' solution. Try again.


As an artist

I work with drawing, text and the spoken word. My focus is on the topics ambivalence and contradiction of human emotions and actions. I believe in an insoluble nature-culture conflict in which human and animal traits are in a constant fire of attraction, rejection and alienation. An assumption that, in our digital world, raises questions of roots (nature, body, lust) and reorientation (culture, digitalization, satisfaction).

Which sensations, thoughts and perceptions are actually true, truthful or real today?

And could there be a hidden moment of empowerment within this conflict of digital addiction and longing for natural coherence ?


As an 'artistic advisor'

I encourage people, institutions and companies to explore creativity from a psychological, methodological and scientific perspective based on artistic approaches and mechanisms.

I help to release creative potential and develop strategies for co-creation and innovative solutions, depending on the prevailing focus and challenges. Creativity, understood as a process of unfamiliar thinking, triggers questions related to visibility, the meaning of noise and the struggle with insecurity (shame resilience); processes the artist is expert for.

Besides, approaches from design thinking and findings from the creative cognition (cognitive psychology) may help to methodically frame the creative process and refine implementation-strategies. For this, I offer impulse-lectures and seminars.

© Stepha Schede 2018