It's my goal as an artist to expose uncertainty and to reveal faith.

I am driven by the idea of making contradictions of human existence more tangible and to reveal its inherent power.

Thus, I focus on an aesthetic that is disruptive and poetic, akward and comforting.


In all of my creative work, I personally experiment with questions of how to navigate beyond the comfort zone and how to foster a mindset that is shaped by maintaining security within the insecurity.

My vision is to inspire people to question beauty (the known)              and explore one's individual aesthetic (the unknown).
Simply said: Experience personal creative empowerment.

Some statements I keep telling myself and people around me.

Don't be afraid of contradictions !

Es liegt Hoffnung im Widerspruch !


The peculiar attracts interesting people.


Fokussiere das Element der Störung.

Opinion is not personal.

Die Wahrheit ist von unstetem Charakter.

There is no 'one' solution. Try again.

As an artist

I work with drawing, text and the spoken word (performance-lecture). My focus is on the topics ambivalence and contradiction of human emotions and actions. I believe in an insoluble nature-culture conflict in which human and animal traits are in a constant fire of attraction, rejection and alienation. An assumption that, in a digital world, raises questions of roots (nature, body, lust) and reorientation (culture, digitalization, satisfaction).

Which sensations, thoughts and perceptions are actually true, truthful or real today?

However, I also believe in a hidden moment of empowerment somewhere within this conflict of digital attraction and longing for natural coherence.


I encourage people, institutions and companies to explore creativity from a psychological and methodological perspective based on artistic approaches and mechanisms.

© Stepha Schede 2018