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As an artist and cultural scientist, my advising approach is based on the understanding of noise, irregular thinking and vulnerability as qualities of strength in any creative process. 

I encourage people, institutions and companies to explore creativity from a psychological and methodological perspectives based on artistic approaches and mechanisms.

Regarding creativity as an inherent need and competence of every human being the primary question of my approach is which psychological processes kick in when we are creative. Awareness of this perspective is essential for any challenge entailing co-creation or innovation as regards individual, pedagogical and entrepreneurial goals.

Thus, I help to release creative potential and elaborate strategies for co-creation and innovative solutions based on their focus and challenges. Creativity, understood as a process of unfamiliar thinking, triggers questions related to visibility, the meaning of noise and the coping with insecurity (shame resilience); processes that are intrinsically connected to the work of an artist. Besides, insights from creative cognition (cognitive psychology) and design thinking can help to methodically frame the creative process and refine implementation-strategies.

Accordingly, my approach helps to understand, develop and master the unconscious process of creativity. Typical benefits include increased enthusiasm, boosted creative efficiency and better clarity on individual and corporate values from a humanistic perspective - all keys to authentic and sustainable innovation processes.

My vision is to spark awareness that in each contradiction, failure and uncertainty lies the source of success and focusing on irregularities always pays off!


For this, I offer impulse-lectures and seminars.


Zoom the Unfamiliar
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Protect Pleasure
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