• Stepha Schede

The Artist’s Paradox / Impulse #3: Robust Fragility

Creative challenges always come along with aspects of vulnerability. In the artistic process this often ends in a rather personal corner of perception and self-confrontation. Even so art should not mirror one’s personal shrink-session, artistic content typically (not always) evolves from fundamental psychological matters, which eventually and hopefully mirror universal values. The problem for the artist is to make the right choice and define the thin line between “too personal” and “intimate enough” for relevant disruptive confrontation. I like to compare it with a talk with someone one would like to get to know a bit deeper and thus is ready to reveal some ‘alarming stuff’ in order to cross the sensitive border between a usual and personal friendship, not knowing the outcome.

I think ‘fragile thinking’ is crucial for generating artistic content. Robust means to be aware of this insecurity, using and appreciating it as a necessity… and in case of rejection to stand the alleged failure, which it is not, and just go ahead with your work and life, searching for the substance that makes you happy.

Integrating vulnerability is the key!