• Stepha Schede

The Artist’s Paradox / Impulse #2: Knowing The Unknown / Unknowing the Known

What might sound a bit pathetic mirrors at the end of the day the crucial element of an artist’s practice: The search of the unknown, or better, the unforeseen. However, there seems to be a misunderstanding about the fact what artists do or not do to gain this ‘non-knowledge’. Fact is: Ideas don’t just pop up from nirvana. They are, of course, based on previous knowledge structures. So, what is it then, that artists do differently? In simple terms, they accumulate specific and non-specific data while cultivating an expertise to ignore or better disremember most of this knowledge, at defined schedules. Disremembering does not imply eliminating but parking the existing knowledge, for the time-being, in a non-relevant corner. This creates thinking space, freedom by non-focus awareness, an area for emotional intelligence and fosters trust that a deeper form of knowledge might pave the way to the best idea (based on cumulative knowledge).

It should be not forgotten (and this works against the cliché of artists just waiting for flow and some sudden insights) to be able to grasp this teeny tine, volatile, valuable information (finest idea) a considerable amount of relevant! data needs to be fed into a personal survey platform. Art is definitely research.

Tip: Zoom the unfamiliar. Wait, trust and act.

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