• Stepha Schede

The Artist’s Paradox / Impulse #1: The Disruptive Offer / Das disruptive Angebot

Generating disruptive content (art) always requires the ability of courage. Courage implies the understanding and toleration of personal vulnerable structures in order to face and overcome one’s own fear. It is helpful, not necessarily needed but more efficient of course, to understand where these worries are coming from. Then, in the most likely event of stagnation, it is essential to know how to maneuver oneself out of passive and reluctant behavioral patterns and, in parallel, eliminate content which intends to please others. Finally, it is beneficial to sense which content is disruptive enough to trigger novel awareness, simultaneously resonates with one’s mission and yet, somehow appears familiar enough to be acknowledged. In all this effort, pleasure is the key. You all stay secure within the insecurity. Get some art in the pandemic, it does you good. ;-) #stephaschede #advice #impulse #noise #creativity #disruptiveinnovation #art #resilience #empowerment #dare