• Stepha Schede


To protect pleasure in isolating times seems at first glance a rather serious and lonely business: There are no contacts around to please yourself.

But isn’t it so that - at its core - pleasure first and foremost deals with enjoying oneself? So, pandemic times could be considered - at least in this respect - as a good training camp.

Pleasure is a decision, it simply could be fun but also challenging or inspirational. Overcoming obstacles could be pleasurable. For me, making art is extremely pleasurable but everything else than just easy. Mostly, it is a research process followed by some practical skills, hopefully leading to satisfying results.

Here some personal ‘pleasure principles’ of mine:

pleasure with my cup of tea * pleasure while working in my studio * pleasure being in nature * pleasure looking at my dog * pleasure buying flowers * pleasure in having sex * pleasure listening to interesting people * pleasure in meditation * pleasure in seeing my kids growing up * pleasure in experiencing a slightly touch of ‘self-melancholy’ during winter evenings

What are your pleasure principles?