My concept is based on the understanding of noise, irregular thinking and vulnerability as a quality of strength relevant for any creative process.  This concept is applicable to the education and economy sector.







In general, I want to help people better understand the creative process from an individual, psychological and scientific perspective, so they are able to gain more clarity about their creative potential from a human and professional perspective and create life to full.

Starting point of my work describes the understanding that creativity is a need of every human being.
For this reason, my approach first and foremost poses the questions of what personal and psychological processes take effect when we are creative. This understanding is essential for any challenge of co-creation and innovation and applicable to also individual, pedagogical and entrepreneurial goals.
Accordingly, my approach helps to understand, operate and develop the often unconscious process of creativity.
This  leads to more enthusiasm, creative efficiency and clarity of one's own and corporate values from a humanistic perspective and is the key to authentic and sustainable innovation processes.

Beyond that I experiment with ideas of how and how far we can venture into areas of uncertainty and non-knowledge without completely losing sight of navigation and objectives. This is particularly relevant for professionals in fields where it is about creating innovative solutions from scratch.

Zoom the Unknon and Feel Secure Within The Insecurity are therefore both personal and professional principles for myself, which I consider inevitable for crucial innovation.

My vision is to convey to people, institutions and companies that in every contradiction, failure and uncertainty lies the source of success and that the irregular often pays off.


© Stepha Schede 2018