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My artwork examines human sensitivities within the interacting, though, contrasting fields of nature and culture. The main focus lies on the bio-cultural disposition of the human, in particular on the ambivalent relationship between the own biology and cultural concepts of living. Correspondingly, my work represents an artistic evaluation of the dynamics and interdependencies of the animal- human and culture-nature theme.

The basis of my drawings is visual representations of objects such as organisms, figures, and formulas from biology and other natural sciences. These objects are catalogued, distorted and defamiliarized.

The emerged, morph organic or in other ways, modified, images display an artistic equivalent to a natural-scientifically verified content, and are an inherent part of my visual language.

To that end, I regard my artistic drive as a form of research, whereby I deliberately use biological and natural-scientific contents, redetermining their legitimacy aesthetically and synthesizing data for the artistic process.

Essentially, it could be said that the formal level of my work (drawing and text) reflects an artistic extract of nature-culture dichotomy. 
Hence, my main interest lies in the contradictions of life, e.g. when it appears fragile and strong, regulated and in disorder, kind and evil, just to name a few.

The underlying assumption of my work is that the human quest to feel consistently integrated in the nature-culture context is unsolvable and that the state of ambivalence is inherent in human life. This condition harbors strength and uncertainty at the same time.




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